FAQs 2017-11-20T01:36:15+00:00
Do you have a trained service team to support your Machinery & Equipment in the field? 2014-11-12T02:02:36+00:00

Just 1 Call has its own, fully trained team of Qualified Mechanics on call 24/7, that service and repair our machinery to ensure we respond immediately to any issues that may arise.

If we require services that are in addition to our contract, can you help? 2014-11-12T02:02:01+00:00

Absolutely. We offer a range of additional services that can be provided to your business. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us at any time.

Do we need to supply cleaning equipment or cleaning products? 2017-11-20T01:36:15+00:00

As part of our service, Just 1 Call will provide all of the Machinery and Chemical required to perform your clean. We only use quality Machinery and Product that will maximise the service we provide to our clients. Our buying power means that we can use only the best products at the lowest possible prices – saving you money.

Do you Strip and Seal floors? 2014-11-12T02:00:48+00:00

Yes we do. Just 1 Call has fully trained Floor Specialists. Our Floor Care teams strip and seal over 290,000m2 every month. We offer extremely competitive rates so please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Do you offer any other services apart from general cleaning? 2014-11-12T02:00:06+00:00

Yes – other services include Floor Stripping & Sealing, High Level Cleaning, Car Park Cleaning, Food Preparation Area Deep Cleaning, Cleaning/ Sealing of Concrete/Warehouse floors, Machinery Servicing & Repair, Graffiti Removal and more. Please visit our Services page for more information, and contact us for a free quote.

Do you clean Food Preparation areas? 2014-11-12T01:59:27+00:00

Yes we do – every day our team cleans over 900 Food Preparation areas to meet strict Food Handling and Hygiene standards.

Do you have trained cleaners ready to service my business? 2014-11-12T01:58:53+00:00

We have over 1400 trained team members right across Australia ready to service your business.

What sort of experience do you have cleaning hard floors? 2014-11-12T01:58:05+00:00

Each and every day, our cleaning teams clean over 1.1 million m2 of hard floors right across Australia.

Do you offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services? 2014-11-12T01:57:29+00:00

Yes, Just 1 Call offers a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services, all of which are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. To review the full list of services we offer, please browse the Services page on our website, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

How can I join the Just 1 Call team? 2014-11-12T01:51:43+00:00

We are always on the lookout for good people. If you want to be part of our great team, please visit the ‘Careers’ page on our website.

Do you have Management support in Regional Areas? 2017-11-20T01:36:15+00:00

To ensure our clients’ needs are met, we have Management based in Regional Areas right across Australia. This means we will regularly be in your sites ensuring we are delivering a quality outcome. If there should be an issue, a member of the Management team is immediately available onsite to manage a successful outcome.

Do you have a Quality Assurance system? 2014-11-12T01:50:21+00:00

Just 1 Call has a ISO 9001 certified Total Quality Management system that is used to ensure we deliver a consistently high result to all of our customers, 365 days a year.

Do you offer services at a time that suits my business? 2014-11-12T01:49:37+00:00

Just 1 Call operations teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Do you provide commercial cleaning services anywhere in Australia? 2014-11-12T01:45:09+00:00

Yes, Just 1 Call operates Australia wide, in both metropolitan and regional areas.