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ISO Certified

Just 1 Call proudly operates a Quality Management System that is fully compliant and certified with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation of Total Quality Management.

Our ISO accreditation gives you peace of mind that Just 1 Call has the highest quality policies and procedures in place to ensure your business receives a consistently high standard of service. And these policies and procedures are reviewed by independent external auditors that monitor the integrity of Just 1 Call’s Total Quality Management system to ensure standards are maintained at all times.

Just 1 Call is committed to:

  • Listening to our customer’s needs and expectations
  • Achieving ongoing efficiencies in our day to day operations, attention to detail in our execution, and responsiveness to customer requirements
  • Providing quality services on time, and the best value for money possible
  • Reducing costs to our customers where possible
  • Nurturing a workplace culture where continuous improvement is encouraged
  • Identifying the changing needs and expectations of our customers
  • Developing and maintaining processes and procedures to ensure customer’s changing needs are accommodated.
ISO Certified Cleaning Services

Custom Designed Services

At Just 1 Call, we recognise that understanding the needs of your business and customising services based on your KPI’s and expectations is critical to achieving a quality outcome. From your very first interaction with Just 1 Call, you will recognise our company-wide commitment to consistently delivering on your cleaning requirements and exceeding your expectations.

All of our staff are assigned to specific projects, meaning that they are familiar with the location and aware of any issues raised in the past. Staff are carefully selected based on qualifications and experience, and undergo a highly regarded induction and training program in relation to your specific cleaning requirements.

All team members are supervised and monitored by highly skilled cleaning professionals, and senior management play an active role in reviewing service delivery performance, through visual inspections and regular internal audits.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Continuous Improvement is our Focus

Commercial Cleaning Services

Just 1 Call’s ISO accreditation also means our management systems are concentrated on a process of continuous improvement, to deliver ongoing superior outcomes for your business.

At Just 1 Call we start by listening to understand your needs, and PLAN the processes to deliver on those needs. Next we DO, by implementing the agreed plan and allocating the appropriate resources to deliver on the plan. Next we CHECK. We monitor, measure and report on the performance of the plan, by measuring the effectiveness of results and processes. Next we ACT. We work closely with you to incorporate the ideas for improvement, resolve any opportunities that are identified in the review, and maximise the areas where there have been successes and efficiencies.

This is an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement where we seek continual feedback from you, combined with our own reviews, to provide ongoing improvement in the service delivery performance for your business.

The continuous improvement cycle that the Australian Service Excellence Standard (ASES) is based on has four interrelated phases, often referred to as the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle. (Reference: www.asq.org)

At Just 1 Call we apply the principles of continuous improvement to improve efficiency in our service delivery, maximise the use of resources and improve service effectiveness for your business.

This is achieved by identifying your business's individual needs and developing appropriate responses to achieve improved outcomes.